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Economics Buyers: Window of Opportunity Still Open by The KCM Crew on September 30, 2013 in Interest Rates The Fed recently announced they would continue their current pace of purchasing bonds until the economy was stronger. This bond purchasing program is the reason that mortgage interest rates are at historic lows. Rates began to increase over the last several months just on the anticipation that the Fed […]
Economics Why It’s Wise to Reduce Debts Before Applying for Mortgage   Shutterstock By Credit.com   | posted Sep 11th 2013 12:41PM Updated Sep 12th 2013 1:07PM By Scott Sheldon Trying to secure a mortgage right now? From higher mortgage rates, to rising home prices to the contraction in buying power — securing financing, for some, can be no easy endeavor. As prices, and rates rise simultaneously, lenders will still place the weighted emphasis on […]
Home Finances How to Investigate a Potential Neighborhood   By BRENDON DESIMONE, Published August 26, 2013, Zillow on Fox Business.com   You’ve gone to the open house. You’ve had a private showing. You’ve read the disclosures. You’ve decided this is the house for you, and you’re ready to make an offer. Before you take that step, though, you should fully check out the neighborhood. […]
Home Finances Stop stressing about your mortgage with these money-saving tips   Are your mortgage payments stressing you out? Beat payments at their own game with these four tips. By Andrea Duchon | Yahoo! Homes – Fri, Sep 6, 2013 1:12 PM EDT If your blood pressure instantly skyrockets every time you open your mortgage bill, it's time to think about how you might start to […]
Economics Do you really need to spend a lot on home insurance? By Andrea Duchon | Yahoo! Homes – Wed, Sep 11, 2013 1:53 PM EDT Want to make sure your home and family are adequately protected? Here are five questions to help you figure out how much insurance you actually need on your home. When you buy a new house, it seems like there are a […]
Economics Thinking of Selling Your House? 5 Reasons to Do it Now by The KCM Crew on September 10, 2013 ·in For Sellers, Pricing Many now realize that it is a great time to buy a home. Today, we want to look at why it might also be an opportune time to sell your house. Here are the Top 5 Reasons we believe now may be a […]
Economics Should I Wait for Interest Rates to Come Back Down?   by THE KCM CREW on SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 ·in FOR BUYERS     Above is a graph of the movement of the 30 year fixed mortgage rate since the beginning of 2012. Some buyers are waiting to see if interest rates will come back down before making a decision about buying a home. Though no one can guarantee where rates […]
Home Improvement 7 Things New Homeowners Don’t Know They Need to Do   Date: July 19 2013 | Author: Brian | brightnest.com   Your first year as a homeowner is kind of like the first year of a marriage. There’s the honeymoon phase, where the fact that you never have to pay rent again feels freaking awesome, but there are also a bunch of new responsibilities. You’re […]
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Home Improvement September home-maintenance checklist   School is back in session and mornings are crisp, making this a great month for tackling home projects. By Anne Erickson of MSN Real Estate Ever wake up in early September and notice that the air smells different? School begins, days get shorter, and a sense of responsibility begins to creep up on most […]
Homeowner News Electronics Recycling Event Getting your home ready to sell? Have some new electronics and need to throw out the old? We are teaming up with 1 Green Planet to offer FREE recycling to our friends and customers. Saturday, September 7th from 10 am to 2 pm. Windermere Real Estate/M2, LLC parking lot 9502 19th Ave Se, Everett.  We'll […]
Home Improvement HomeWork: Buy new or buy older? Each has its pros, cons Originally published Friday, July 19, 2013 at 8:05 PM   The Seattle Times     The rule of thumb used to be that new homes were more expensive than older homes, but no longer is that always the case. Q: When buying a home, is it better to buy new or used? A: For some […]
Home Improvement 3 Easy Ideas for Flower Boxes   By Madaline Sparks in  Real Simple   Deck the sills with blooms, then enjoy the view.   How to Plant One Step 1: Prepare the soil. Pour potting mix into a bucket and add water until the soil feels like a damp sponge. Stir in a time-release organic fertilizer, such as Dynamite. For full-sun […]
Economics Should I Move or Remodel? Posted inSelling by Tara Sharp Windermere Blog   There are a number of things that can trigger the decision to remodel or move to a new home. Perhaps you have outgrown your current space, you might be tired of struggling with ancient plumbing or wiring systems, or maybe your home just feels out of date. The question […]
Economics Buying a House: The Cost If You Waited by THE KCM CREW on JULY 8, 2013 · in FOR BUYERS, PRICING We often talk about the potential cost of waiting to buy a home. Today, we want to look at the actual cost for someone who waited over the last year. We used a 10% increase in house values as prices have gone up by double digits in the country […]
Economics Mortgage Interest Rates: Where Are They Headed? by The KCM Crew on July 1, 2013 · in For Buyers Today’s $20,000 question is…Where are mortgage rates headed in the near future? Most believe the rapid rise in rates experienced over the last month will not be sustained and that they will level off into a range between 4% and 5%. When recently […]
Economics How to beat the summer heat inside older homes Originally published Friday, June 14, 2013 at 8:01 PM In an older home, the attic may have little insulation. Over time, what is there may have been disrupted, providing leak points where warm air escapes in the winter and hot air gets in during the summer. By Jamie Hsu Special to The Seattle Times   HomeWork […]
Economics Buying a House? 3 Reasons to Do it Now! by The KCM Crew on June 24, 2013 ·    384 inShare inShare384 Here are three great reasons to consider buying a home today instead of waiting. 1.) Prices Will Continue to Rise Standard & Poors recently upgraded their 2013 forecast for the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index to an 11% year-over-year increase from their original […]
Economics Until Mortgage Rates Hit 10.5%, Buying A Home Will Still Be Cheaper Than Renting By Jed Kolko, Trulia Chief Economist on  Forbes.com 6/14/2013 The recent rise in mortgage rates has made buying a house a little more expensive: the increase in the 30-year fixed rate over the past month from 3.4% to 3.9% (Freddie Mac) raised the monthly payment on a $200,000 mortgage by $56, or 6%. However, because mortgage […]
Home Improvement Cheap bathroom renovations that help sell a home By Tom Kraeutler | The Money Pit – Wed, Jun 5, 2013 7:03 PM EDT   A few cheap bathroom renovations can actually help you sell your home. When potential buyers stroll through a home, they're looking for the features and amenities that best match their lifestyle. Every choice you've made impacts a buyer's interest, […]
Economics A Real Estate Conversation by THE KCM CREW on MAY 24, 2013