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News For Seniors Finance Information for Senior Living from Sharp   A major component of financial planning is factoring in costs toward quality assisted living care. People are living longer than they have at almost any other time in history, which means the need for care will continue to rise. The economy is down and health care costs are up. It’s never […]
News For Seniors Assisted Living Checklist by Nicole on September 19, 2013 on Shart Seniors – A Trusted Senior Living Resource Moving into an assisted living community is just one of many important decisions that need to be made regarding senior care. The next challenge is choosing the right facility for you or your loved one. A personalized checklist will help […]
News For Seniors Is Assisted Living Right for Your Aging Loved Ones? Posted in Selling by Regina Madiera-Gorden      Making a decision about whether assisted living is right for your loved ones is one of the hardest decisions we face today. Over the years I have worked with many adult children and their parents as they prepare to make the decision about when the parents should sell their family […]
Homeowner News Electronics Recycling Event Getting your home ready to sell? Have some new electronics and need to throw out the old? We are teaming up with 1 Green Planet to offer FREE recycling to our friends and customers. Saturday, September 7th from 10 am to 2 pm. Windermere Real Estate/M2, LLC parking lot 9502 19th Ave Se, Everett.  We'll […]
News For Seniors Is It Time to Sell Your House? By Tom Sightings August 13, 2013   For many reasons, a lot of baby boomers have been delaying retirement. One reason is that we have been unable to sell our homes. We've been trapped in our old houses, in our old, high-tax communities, handcuffed to our jobs by a lofty cost of living. We couldn't […]
News For Seniors Windermere Launches Customized Program Focused On Supporting Growing Senior Population Posted August 9 2013, 10:00 AM PDT by Shelley Rossi    Two years ago, the oldest members of the Baby Boomer generation turned 65, and over the next 18 years, 79 million more will do the same. These seniors are projected to move out of an estimated 11.3 million housing units through 2020 creating what […]
News For Seniors Real Estate Retirement Plan Getting ready to retire? Prepare your property and investments to make a smooth transition to your sunset years By Alexandra Gallucci CTW Features If you feel unprepared for retirement, chances are you’re not alone. According to a 2013 survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, more than one third of workers lack confidence in their […]
News For Seniors Mortgage giants make it easier for retirees to secure loans   By Kenneth R. Harney    May 24, 2013 01:55 PM EDT    The Washington Post    Published: May 23  Here’s a heads-up for the growing ranks of seniors whose post-retirement monthly incomes aren’t sufficient to qualify for a mortgage under today’s tough underwriting standards: Thanks to a rule change by the largest players in the home […]
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